Discover wonders from the Land Down Under at Conrad Prebys Australian Outback, the San Diego Zoo's newest exhibit. This brand-new experience begins at an entrance of aboriginal-style totems that represent well-known Aussie animals. Wind your way through a eucalyptus grove to encounter singular species from wombats and wallabies to kookaburras and cockatoos. Uncover fascinating facts about Australian forests and wildlife, see how well you know your marsupials, and get photos of the kids sitting in a koala tree.


Koala crossing signs lead you across the road to the Queenslander House, with wide decks overlooking a forest for the Zoo's koala colony—the largest outside of Australia. You'll be at eye level with the koalas as they sun, nap, and eat while perched in the trees. Keep an eye out for baby koala joeys in the pouch or on mom's back, too!


With 7 different marsupials and 25 colorful bird species, the new Australian Outback adds a fun new adventure to a day at the San Diego Zoo. 

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Conrad Prebys Australian Outback

Koalafornia Dreamin' at the San Diego Zoo