What is a podcast?

Podcasting is a method of delivering audio content (or broadcast) to your MP3 player (or "pod," as in iPod, although the audio files work in all MP3 players), hence the term "podcast."

Podcasts allow you to listen to audio files when you want, where you want, and in the mix that you choose. Think of it as a radio station where you program the broadcast.

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Why subscribe?

Well, first off, because it's FREE. To subscribe to a podcast feed, you'll need to install Podcast software (called an aggregator) on your computer, which will automatically download the Podcast files, as well as check for updates. Here are a few popular applications:

In addition, Yahoo! Podcasts allows you to subscribe and listen online without the need for podcasting software.

Once the files are downloaded to your computer, you can load them on to your MP3 player, or just play them on your computer.


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Podcasts: iZoofari Audio Tours Help

How to subscribe to a podcast feed:

iTunes users: It's easy! Just click on these links and iTunes will launch the selected iZoofari Tours.

iTunes San Diego Zoo Tours | iTunes Wild Animal Park Tours
iTunes San Diego Zoo 90th Anniversary Video Podcasts

Click the "Subscribe" button and you'll automatically receive the latest episodes every time you launch iTunes or update your iPod. You can also search the iTunes Store by typing in "San Diego Zoo," "Wild Animal Park," or "iZoofari" in the iTunes search box.

Yahoo! Podcasts users: Simply type "San Diego Zoo," "Wild Animal Park," or "iZoofari" in the Podcast Search box, select the tour and click "Subscribe." You must be registered with Yahoo! to use this service.

Other Podcast software : Select the iZoofari Audio Tour you wish to receive (Zoo or Park or both), right-click on the "Pod" icon, select "Copy link location," and paste the URL into your Podcasting application such as iPodder or Doppler (see right). Or click on the icon, copy the URL from your browser's address bar, and paste into your aggregator.

iZoofari Tip:

After you download your desired audio tours, create different tours, or playlists, from the individual episodes to load into your portable MP3 player.

As we add more Zoo and Wild Animal Park iZoofari Audio Tours, you will be able to mix and match audio tracks into custom playlists, making each visit to the Zoo and Park a truly unique and enhanced experience.

"I found these to be very exciting, a great way to plan a visit to your location as well as get youngsters generally excited about animals and the wild."—Robert H., Haverhill, Massachusetts

"I just tried the sample, it is great! Thank you, SDZ! you constantly bring a smile into our life!"—Eugena

"This is fabulous!! I love these ‘official accounts’ of my favourite pandas!! Thanks so much."—Bernice

"Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! This is the next best thing to being able to actually visit the zoo. With the webcams and now the audio, it really brings the whole thing to life."—Holly, upstate New York