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iZoofari San Diego Zoo Tours

New! Polar Bear Plunge iZoofari Audio Tour
Polar bears in sunny San Diego? Find out how the bears and other animals of the Arctic keep their cool in the ever-popular Polar Bear Plunge habitat. (Sample Polar Bear Plunge Episodes)


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Gorilla Tropics iZoofari Audio Tour
Just added: Scripps Aviary. It's one of the Zoo's most popular exhibits and it's the home to our amazing troop of lowland gorillas. Our podcast also covers the bonobo chimpanzees and colobus monkeys that also reside in the Gorilla Tropics complex. (Sample Gorilla Tropics Episodes)

Giant Panda Research Station iZoofari Audio Tour
You've been following them on our Panda Cam. Now you can learn all about our giant pandas on this exclusive podcast, narrated by giant panda researcher Suzanne Hall. (Sample Giant Panda Episodes)

Absolutely Apes iZoofari Tour
They're fascinating, intelligent, and just plain entertaining. They are the orangutan and siamang residents of the Absolutely Apes exhibit. Learn all about the endangered orangutans, and their very special individual personalities. (Sample Absolutely Apes Episodes)

Monkey Trails iZoofari Tour
Learn about some of the world's most exotic and endangered African and Asian birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians in our newest and largest animal habitat. (Sample Monkey Trails Episodes)

iZoofari Wild Animal Park Tours

NEW! Condor Ridge iZoofari Tour
Learn all about the majestic California condors and all of the other North American wildlife found at the Wild Animal Park's Condor Ridge habitat. (Sample Condor Ridge Episodes)


Lion Camp iZoofari Tour
It's our newest exhibit at the Wild Animal Park and now you can learn about our pride of lions, some behind-the-scenes tidbits, and more!
(Sample Lion Camp Episodes)

Nairobi Village iZoofari Tour
It's the first area you approach upon entering the Wild Animal Park, and you'll be amazed at all that you'll discover in the lush and bustling center of the Park. Visit aviaries, gorillas, and maybe feed a few animals, too. (Sample Nairobi Village Episodes)


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