Curious and energetic, Tasmanian devils travel long distances each night in their pursuit of food, as much as 10 miles. As carnivorous marsupials, Tasmanian devils are mostly carrion eaters, scavenging anything that comes their way. But they also hunt live prey such as small mammals and birds. They have very strong jaws designed for crushing bone, and they can apply pressure of up to 1,200 pounds per square inch (a human bite is only up to 265 psi). Because of their powerful teeth and jaws, devils can eat most of a carcass.

Tasmanian devils are nocturnal hunters, and use their keen senses of smell and hearing to find food. By day, they shelter in caves, bushes, old wombat burrows, or hollow logs. Ambling along with their stocky bodies and large heads, Tasmanian devils look slow and awkward in their movements, but they are the top carnivore in Tasmania.