Help Build New Homes for Zebras, Crowned Cranes, & More!

The Tail End of a Journey
For the past 18 months, we have been striving to create new animal habitats along the Journey into Africa tour route at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. Today, we’re almost there!

But there are other animals that still need homes, including Hartmann’s mountain zebras, klipspringers, and African crowned cranes! We hope that you will help take us to the finish line! We plan to create three distinctive environments that will enrich and enhance the lives of these animals as well as provide even more to explore for the guests aboard our Journey into Africa trams.

Hartmann's mountain zebra

Stripes on the Savanna
Hartmann’s mountain zebras will roam over a spacious grassland dotted with acacia trees, where you will be treated to a closer viewing opportunity. As one of the world’s most recognizable species, these black-and-white superstars with stripes are fascinating to watch, frequently photographed, and universally admired.


Surefooted Rock Dwellers
A natural rockscape along the tour route will make an ideal home for klipspringers, small African antelope famous for their rock-climbing and jumping abilities. As the klipspringers bound from boulder to boulder on the tips of their tiny hooves, rock hyraxes will scurry in and out of crevices, just like they do in the wild.

crowned cranes

Bird Royalty at the Water Hole
Four charismatic bird species—East African crowned cranes, southern ground hornbills, blue-winged geese, and European white storks—will share a water hole nestled along the edge of a savanna. The whimsical crowned cranes are showstoppers: during their courtship ritual they dance, bow, and jump!

Please Help Us Complete Our Journey

With your support, Hartmann’s mountain zebras, klipspringers, rock hyrax, and several rare bird species will be able to thrive in splendid new habitats where they can flourish. And this new multi-exhibit project for Journey into Africa will become a memorable addition to each and every trip to the Wild Animal Park. Please help us create new homes for our animals by making your donation today! Your gift will be worth TWICE AS MUCH thanks to a matching gift from a caring donor.

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