Name the Calf, Jan. 15-18, 2009
The Wild Animal Park Needs You!

It's Time to Vote!

Our newest African elephant calf, a male born on May 12 to Umoya, is two months old, and it’s time for you to help choose his name! The keepers have reviewed all 1,019 name suggestions that were submitted in July, had them translated into Siswati, and now we have the top 3 choices. Vote for the one you like best, and tell your friends and family. Voting will begin Monday, August 9 and continue through Thursday, August 12. We’ll announce the winning name on August 26.

This word is Siswati for “water.” It was first submitted by Michele with this explanation: “It's a strong name, one that signifies one of the things that this playful pachyderm loves most and that lets you know a little something about his personality.”

This is the name of the large river in Swaziland, where the calf’s parents were rescued in 2003. It was first submitted by Gail with this explanation: “Since this baby is strong and enjoys water, why not name him for the Great Usutu River from his homeland?”

This word is Siswati for “their brother.” Deb submitted the term “brother to many,” but we could not find an exact translation. However, we really like the reference to the relationships in this herd, so we chose Mnakabo.

To learn more about this newest calf, you can read the latest blog about him, or visit him in person at the Park. To find out the names of the other elephants in the herd, check out Meet the Elephants on the Elephant Cam page. And thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and support for our elephant conservation efforts!

The Poll Is Closed

Voting has ended. Please stay tuned for the announcement of the winning name!

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