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Chaperone Guide

Teachers: Print this guide and distribute copies to all of your chaperones!

Welcome! Please stay with your group at all times. You are responsible for the behavior of your students while at the Zoo. Please review these rules with the students in your group.

Zoo rules:

  • Stay on the paths.
  • Walk at all times.
  • Don’t litter and don’t feed the animals.
  • Keep hands and bodies out of animal enclosures.
  • Respect the animals by being quiet. Don’t pick the plants or flowers.

Skyfari rules:

  • Don’t rock the Skyfari car, spit, or throw things while riding. (It’s against the law!)
  • $3 per person each way. (Prices subject to change.) One adult must ride in each Skyfari car.

Help your students enjoy their visit by:

  • Asking the teacher what the goals are for the field trip.
  • Reading signs at the exhibits.
  • Offering to help the teacher with suggested activities.
  • Asking questions that help the students make observations.

We hope you have a great visit today! Please Note: Groups failing to respect Zoo rules will be escorted from Zoo grounds by our security staff. Graffiti or shoplifting will be prosecuted.

Questions? For Education programs for children, adults and families, or any school related programs, please call Zoo Education: 619-557-3962
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