World Cuisine Menu


Sautéed Artichoke Hearts $8
olive oil l poached garlic l roasted red peppers l toasted crostini

Potstickers $8
pork l fried wonton skins l spicy Szechwan sauce l sautéed vegetables

Smoked Tomato Hummus $7
basil oil l onion bread chips

Sweet Potato Fries $7
spicy ketchup

Jungle Greens $7
baby greens l red onion l bell pepper l tomato l carrot l cucumber

Small Caesar Salad $7
classic Caesar dressing l shredded Parmesan cheese l croutons

Fresh House Made Soup
please ask your server about today’s selection
cup $4 bowl $6

Entrée Salads

Classic Caesar $11
add chicken $5 add shrimp $7 add salmon $7
fresh romaine l classic Caesar dressing l shredded Parmesan cheese l croutons

Albert’s Farmer’s $11
add chicken $5 add shrimp $7 add salmon $7
butternut squash l radish l baby spinach l spring mix l grape tomatoes l goat cheese l toasted sunflower seeds

Cobb $16
chicken breast l avocado l bacon l bleu cheese l tomato l hard-boiled egg l chopped romaine

Grilled Salmon $18
spring mix l grape tomato l sliced bell pepper l shredded carrot l cucumber l sliced red onion l sesame ginger dressing l crunchy wontons

Sandwiches & More

Fresh Fish Sandwich $16
grilled l lettuce l tomato l onion l jalapeno mayonnaise l whole wheat bun l beer-battered fries

Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla $12
chicken breast l pepper jack cheese l chipotle tortilla l guacamole l salsa l sour cream

Albert’s California Dip $16
roasted beef l grilled green chilies l pepper jack cheese sauce l
French roll l au jus l horseradish sauce l beer-battered fries l cilantro

Bacon Chicken Grill $15

chicken breast l crisp smoked bacon l lettuce l tomato l
Irish white cheddar l toasted brioche roll l remoulade l beer-battered fries


Wild Mushroom Spinach Risotto $13
add chicken $5 add shrimp $7 add salmon $7
wild mushrooms l fresh spinach l onions l grated parmesan cheese l
cream l white truffle oil

Smoked Turkey Pot Pie $17
slow smoked turkey breast l carrots l onions l celery l herbs l cream l
butter crust

Slow-Roasted Pork Loin $23
pork medallions l porcini mushrooms in natural jus l green onion mashed potatoes l candied mustard bacon l sautéed vegetables

Albert’s Fresh Catch of the Day Market Price
Please ask your server about today’s fresh catch and preparation

Pacific Rim Seafood Stew $23
shrimp l scallops l fresh fish l mussels l cilantro l lime l tomato clam broth

Conrad Prebys’ Special $20
salmon l steamed broccoli l seasonal fruit
(Allergen and Gluten Free meal solution)


Pasta Puttanesca $13
add chicken $5 add shrimp $7 add salmon $7
linguini l crushed tomato l garlic l basil l capers l olive oil l parsley l
Kalamata olives l Parmesan cheese

Jambalaya $19
pappardelle noodles l shrimp l chicken breast l andouille sausage l onions l peppers Creole inspired cream sauce l tomatoes l served mild or spicy

Smoked Duck and Fresh Spinach Ravioli $18
Romano l Fontina l ricotta l tomato cream sauce l basil oil l smoked duck breast l Parmesan cheese

Southwestern Chicken Pasta $16
chicken breast l roasted red peppers l cilantro l artichoke hearts l
black beans l penne pasta l tomato cream sauce l served mild or spicy

Traditional and French Bread Pizza

Your choice of a traditional pizza crust or a French baton. Batons are served with a small spring mix and spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

Meat Lover’s $15
smoked bacon l andouille sausage l pepperoni l fresh jalapenos l

Veggie Lover’s $14
red onion l artichokes l Kalamata olives l roasted red pepper l fresh tomato l mozzarella

Pulled Pork BBQ $15
pulled pork l brie cheese l caramelized onion l BBQ sauce l mozzarella

Soft Drinks, Coffee, Espresso, and Waters

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Orange, Lemonade $3.99
Freshly brewed Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee $3.19
Iced Tea, Assorted Flavor Hot Teas $3.99
Sparkletts Crystal Fresh Drinking Water $3.29
Sparkling mineral water $3.49
Espresso $3.25
Double Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Café Mocha $4.25
Double Cappuccino, Double Latte, Double Mocha $4.75

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