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San Diego Zoo Escorts

Pam Fein

Brazil's Pantanal Escort 2016

Pam Fein joined the San Diego Zoo more than 15 years ago, fulfilling a life-long, childhood dream to work there. In her current role as an Individual Gifts Officer in the Development Department, she leads hundreds of behind-the-scenes tours each year at the Zoo and the Safari Park, introducing friends and supporters to our wildlife and botanical wonders as well as our worldwide conservation projects. Pam also worked for many years in human resources management, special events, and corporate travel planning.

Pam is an avid traveler and enjoys getting to know people from all parts of the globe. Several years ago she led a WorldWild Tour to Botswana and made it her priority to make sure all members of the safari had an unforgettable adventure—a trip of a lifetime!

Her hobbies include nature photography, people watching, exploring new places, hiking, anything about cats (big and small), caring for rescued critters, eating, cooking, and shopping.

Pam looks forward to sharing her knowledge about the Pantanal's array of wildlife as well as the Zoo's South American conservation projects with travelers. She is dedicated to providing an unsurpassed, highly memorable journey and sharing and capturing the unique magic, spirit, and authenticity of the Pantanal!

Jeff Lemm

Cuba Escort 2016

Jeff Lemm is a herpetologist and Senior Research Coordinator in Behavioral Ecology at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Jeff manages the Griffin Reptile Conservation Center, a breeding center for Caribbean rock iguanas, including the critically endangered Cuban iguana. He plays a pivotal role in Caribbean iguana conservation efforts in the wild as well. Jeff is well-versed in Cuban wildlife—over a 10-year period, he spent time studying Cuban iguanas at Guantanamo Bay and also travelled to Havana and western Cuba.

As a herpetologist, Jeff studies and conserves native California reptiles and amphibians. Jeff helped develop the breeding and reintroduction program for the critically endangered mountain yellow-legged frog. He is also involved in the long-term monitoring of reptiles and amphibians at the Safari Park Biodiversity Reserve. He is currently leading a project on the ecology, movement, and health of coastal patch-nosed snakes. In addition, Jeff is the author of Field Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of the San Diego Region.

Jeff earned his Bachelor's degree in biology from San Diego State University. He has worked for San Diego Zoo Global for more than 25 years. He also lived in Australia for several years, working with reptiles and other Australian wildlife. Jeff has traveled the globe extensively, including trips to Central and South America, Africa, and southern Asia. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys field herping (searching for amphibians and reptiles in their native habitat), wildlife photography, diving, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities. He is also interested in plants, particularly succulents.

Ted Molter

Churchill/Polar Bear Adventure Escort 2016

Ted Molter, the chief marketing officer for San Diego Zoo Global, has worked for the organization for nearly 20 years. He is responsible for public relations, creative services, advertising and design, websites, publications, interpretation, sales, licensing and partnership marketing activities.

Molter came to San Diego Zoo Global from SeaWorld Ohio, where he worked for 13 years. His tenure there included positions as a penguin keeper and aquarist before becoming director of its public relations department.

A graduate of Kent State University, Molter earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast communications with a field of concentration in biology. He is an active member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums; past education and marketing committee chair, past board member and the founding foundation board chair for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions; current chair of San Diego Tourism Authority; and board member and past chairman of the California Travel Association.

With the opportunity to reach families around the world with the Zoo's mission of conservation, education and family fun, Ted has continued to find ways to combine his passion for animals with an endless desire to share the wonders of nature. He looks forward to exploring the arctic with WorldWild Tours travelers.

Joop Kuhn

Hawaii Escort 2017

Joop (pronounced Yopi) Kuhn, Animal Care Manager for the San Diego Zoo's Bird Department, has been working with birds for 34 years and is the co-founder of the Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program on Maui and the Big Island.

Joop graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Biology and entered the zookeeping field at SeaWorld, where he cared for a large penguin colony. Joop's penguin expertise has taken him to the wilds of Antarctica and South Africa.

He joined the San Diego Zoo in 1992 and then left in 1995 to open the Hawaiian bird breeding facility at the request of The Peregrine Fund. Joop and his wife (who is also a bird expert) collaborated with partners, including the San Diego Zoo, to build the Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program from the ground up. They bred several critically endangered species, including the alala (Hawaiian crow), puaiohi (small Kauai thrush), and palila for eventual release into the wild. Joop returned to the Safari Park in 2001 to work as a senior keeper at the veterinary medical center before coming to the San Diego Zoo to help oversee the bird collection.

Joop is excited about this opportunity to share how San Diego Zoo Global's frontline conservation work is putting animals back into the wild. His insight into the efforts to save many of Hawaii's most endangered birds will provide a first-hand, behind-the-scenes experience for the travelers who join him on this tour.