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San Diego Zoo's Nighttime Zoo. China Celebration.
Reptile Walk Grand Opening
Leaf-tailed gecko, mossy tree frog, baby Malaysian Giant Turtle

What’s new at the San Diego Zoo?
Reptile Walk!

Join us this Summer as we open an exciting new addition to our reptile (and amphibian) realm — the brand-new Reptile Walk!

Amphibians and reptiles have remarkable adaptations for their environments, and some can survive in rather extreme conditions.

They can be really weird, and sometimes they’re downright freaky!

Come meet some of our fascinating cold-blooded inhabitants in their new exhibit buildings and habitats, including:

Chinese Alligators

Mossy Tree Frogs

Leaf Tailed Geckos

Mountain Yellow-legged Frogs

Snake-necked Turtles

Rosy Boas

Alligator Lizards

and more!

Reptile Walk can be found behind the Reptile House, across from the Galápagos tortoises. Hope to see you there!