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Floor-to-ceiling windows give this serene, spacious room a light, airy feel and views of the surrounding tree canopy. A private patio and cascading waterfall provide an exotic ambience, while authentic African interior décor enhances the relaxed, elegant atmosphere.

Zoofari Party Area

A space so large, even an elephant would have room to roam! With vibrant, festive décor, this venue is just the place for big events and celebrations any time of the day or night. With the sky for a ceiling, this site has plenty of room for dancing, dining, and mingling. (Area is partially tented from November through April.)

Sydney’s Grill

Enjoy your event with koalas, rhinos, and giraffes just steps away! Shaded by trees and colorful umbrellas, this outdoor facility has an open, casual feel.

Albert’s Restaurant

Orchids, tribal accents, and neutral hues combine to create the elegant atmosphere of our renowned restaurant. This unique restaurant-in-a-treehouse is available for private events after hours.

Sabertooth Grill

With excellent views into the elephants’ habitat, this one-of-a-kind venue makes a big impression on guests. In addition to elephants, turtles, pronghorn antelope and condors may be seen nearby.

Samburu Terrace


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One of the most enchanting views of the San Pasqual Valley can be found at this secluded vista. This terrace is a perfect backdrop for a stunning and elegant affair.

Heart of Africa

Grassy knolls form this breathtaking outdoor setting. Dine among the eucalyptus trees while herds of giraffes, rhinos, gazelles, and oryx roam by the Heart of Africa.

Hunte Nairobi Pavilion

On the edge of Nairobi Village, this venue is the Park’s largest and most centrally located event area. This venue-in-the-round with a 35-foot vaulted ceiling is ideal year-round. Includes high quality screened siding.

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Mombasa Island Pavilion

Situated overlooking Mombasa Lagoon, this room without walls is perfect for any event. Slate stone floors and a thatched roof conjure images of a tribal gathering spot in an African village.

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