Cats With A Cause

For the first time in nearly 40 years, guests to the San Diego Zoo will see the wild world of hamadryas baboons in a new home that will replicate their native habitat in Ethiopia’s highlands. They will also get a rare peek at a bachelor group of geladas, a unique monkey species that is like no other primate on Earth.

This area, called Cliffs of Africa, is a part of the Zoo’s most impressive project to date, Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks. Africa’s extraordinary wildlife and diverse habitats will be showcased in this 8-acre exhibit complex that replaces 1930s-era grottos and cages in Dog and Cat Canyon with animal homes that resemble their natural surroundings in Africa.

Cliffs of Africa is one of Africa Rocks’ five types of habitat, which range from savanna to shore. Our plan is to begin construction in late 2015 and debut this expansive African wildlife experience in 2017.

Through your heartfelt generosity, Cliffs of Africa will transform an aging canyon in the Zoo into a magical journey through a land of awe-inspiring wildlife, intriguing landscapes, and iconic plants.

In addition, thanks to a $10 million challenge grant from Ernest Rady, your gift will increase in value by 50 percent.

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