Africa Rocks at the San Diego Zoo
Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks at the San Diego Zoo
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Patas Monkey
A Habitat That Will ReachFrom Savanna to Shore

With your help, we will be able to build an entirely new area at the San Diego Zoo, which will offer up-close views of more than 50 different African animal species from the smallest of the insects to the largest of the carnivores.

An Unprecedented $10 Million Challenge

As the San Diego Zoo approaches its centennial in 2016, it is planning for the largest expansion in the organization’s history. The $10 million Ernest Rady Challenge kicks off the fund-raising campaign for Africa Rocks, the new 8-acre exhibit that will feature more than five different habitats from Africa. In order to receive the challenge gift, the Zoo must raise $20 million of matching funds in the next 25 months.

The San Diego Zoo was created for the children of San Diego by Dr. Harry Wegeforth almost 100 years ago. Mr. Rady follows in Dr. Wegeforth’s footsteps by making possible a new, unique experience for children of all ages that provides them with opportunities to explore the wonders of Africa. Africa Rocks will replace Dog and Cat Canyon, one of the oldest areas of the Zoo.

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Meet The Animals of Africa Rocks
Patas Monkey
REd Ruffed Lemur
Vervet Monkey