Amur & Snow Leopard Exhibit Highlights

Forest as well as a woodland habitat, with a sparkling stream that meanders through the canyon.

Thirty species of mammals and birds, including African leopards, spotted hyenas, vervet and patas monkeys, ratels, southern ground hornbills, and carmine bee-eaters.

Habitats that will encourage the animals’ natural behaviors and enrich their lives, and a translucent canopy net that covers the area.

Special panel at the hyena exhibit so keepers can interact with them in front of visitors.

Mudbank nesting area for the bee-eater colony, and a walk-through aviary for 20 bird species.

Plants include sausage trees, Africa tulip trees, paperbark thorns, kapok, coral trees, natal cycads, and proteas.

Gently winding ADA-accessible path.

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