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Why Choose the Greenest Animal Adoption Program on Planet Earth?
Just ask our iguanas: going green is easy! We are taking the following steps and turning over a new leaf to go green and make your dollars really count.

  • Yes to Snails. No to Snail Mail. Why mail when you can e-mail? Stamps, envelopes…that’s for the birds! All animal adoption benefits will be e-mailed to you and your gift recipient to decrease our carbon paw-print and costs. This means a higher percentage of your contribution will go directly to our critters.
  • Trees. We like trees and so do our animals, so we are taking an eco-stance and saying no to paper and other foliage by-products. On the rare occasion that we do have to use that yester-year invention (paper), we ensure that it is 100% recycled.
  • Eco-Loot. For those feeling very generous, our higher adoption levels (starting at $50) include a gift certificate to be used at our online store,, where you can get eco-loot such as our soy-plush animals.
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