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Fig (Ficus): Green-leaved Moreton Bay Fig Ficus watkinsiana

FAMILY: MORACEAE (Mulberry Family)

The San Diego Zoo's largest specimen of this Australian native is the Big Fig that was relocated as the centerpiece of our new Monkey Trails and Forest Tales habitat. It is doing well: the canopy continues to produce new growth and the soil is full of new roots.

This large species has dark green, elliptical leaves about 3 inches (8 centimters) wide by 6 inches (15 centimeters) long. The fig has a long stalk and is less than an inch wide but twice as long. It is unique in that it has a very prominent gland at its base. This species does produce seedlings, so there must be a pollinator wasp at work. We have relocated a number of the seedlings to our nursery for later plantings.