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A cornucopia of botanical wonders can be found all along Lory Loop, a path from the bus tour unloading dock to the koala exhibit. Take the Australian flame tree, for example. One of several Brachychiton species in the Zoo, this Brachychiton acerifolius has spectacular, fiery red-orange flowers during its blooming period--usually May and June. Since brachychitons are known for blooming erratically, however, sometimes you'll see the entire tree ablaze with flowers, and other years only a single branch will bloom.

Be sure to look for the gorgeous clivias or African lilies Clivia miniata growing near the bus unloading dock. These South African natives with tuberous roots are some of the more striking members of the amaryllis family and bloom during winter and spring. As you wander down Lory Loop, notice the colorful lories and parrots. You'll often see them snacking on trimmings from the Zoo's plantings.