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Plants: Gardens: Australian Rain Forest

Not far from the Wild Animal Park's Heart of Africa exhibit is a shaded, misty walk Down Under. As you approach the Australian Rain Forest, you'll first encounter plants suited to more arid habitat, like the grass treeand red cap gum. The winding path then leads you into the interior mysteries of Oz's subtropical rain forests, where you'll stroll through a dense canopy of leaves with shafts of sunlight streaming in. Here you'll encounter ferns, vines, palms, and unusual species like the Queensland umbrella tree. There are also a few eucalyptus trees still here, left over from the initial plantings at the Park, but since they are not rain forest trees they are slowly being replaced. As you move out from under the canopy to the drier edges of the walk, look for wattles, bottles, and scrub cherries for the complete Aussie experience!