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Just across the road from the Kopje exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, you'll see our Tropical Fruit Grove and picnic area. There you'll find star fruit, guavas, papaya, litchis (pronounced leechees) Litchi chinensis, a mini-forest of cold-tolerant bananas, kiwi vines Actinidia sp., and other fruit-bearing plants. Eventually, we hope to make tropical fruits one of our accredited collections.

If you take a stroll through our little grove, you'll notice that many fruits can be cultivated in San Diego's climate. We've recently added dragon fruit, plants that look a lot like epiphyllums and produce an edible fruit, and you'll see unique plants such as zapote trees Manilkara zapota, which not only produce sweet fruit but also can be tapped for chicle, the original base for chewing gum.